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Helping clients build their dreams.

Our vision is to remodel the world for better living

Nestus is well-known for its exceptional reputation in delivering large scale projects in the sub-Saharan Africa. We earned our reputation through successful completion of some of the most challenging projects. In South Sudan, we have developed a team of young, talented professional and innovators. Our designs and products are not led by a set of industrial concepts nor by the use of particular technology but rather motivated by arts and science that rely solely on the hands of our competent craftsmen. We design with cultural influences in mind, within international context and standards. We donated every project with a unique style to meet specific needs

Cleaning Services

Experience the ultimate transformation with our exceptional cleaning services that simply revitalize the ambiance of your space beyond your expectations.

Landscape Architecture

Transform your outdoor space and elevate its beauty with our top-notch landscape architecture services that merge the perfect balance of artistry and functionality.

Interior Design

Immerse yourself in the beauty and sophistication of our timeless classic interior design, where every detail is carefully curated to create an enduring sense of luxury and comfort.


Transform your home into an environmentally conscious abode with our wide range of innovative and eco-friendly Greenhouse services.


Our highly skilled team of architects specializes in transforming your ordinary spaces into stunning, practical works of art that leave a lasting impression.

Consultancy and Construction

Collaborate with us to create custom-built solutions that will drive your success. Rely on our expert consultancy and top-notch construction services.

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